Costs & What to Expect

Ok, so how much will it cost us? To make things simple, we have listed the most common options that generally IPs’ are likely to access:

1. 1 X Fresh IVF program with Local Cambodian Egg Donor + Delivery & Legal costs           - US $36,500 which includes *.

2. 1 X Fresh IVF program and BYO (Bring your own Donor) + Delivery and Legal costs.       - US $34,500  which includes *.

3. 1 X Fresh IVF program with Local Cambodian Egg Donor + 3 X FETs + Delivery and Legal costs    - US$ 44,500 which includes *.

The price package typically includes the following.

  • Surrogate Recruitment and Tests / Screening
  • Surrogate compensation
  • Donor company compensation ( depending on the program selected)
  • Surrogate psych guidance and medical review
  • Legal agreement between intended mother and intended father and surrogate, Birth Certificate, Affidavit and Immigration assistance with our specialist lawyer/ expert
  • All pre-transfer medical testing of surrogates
  • All medications for surrogate during the normal course of pregnancy
  • IVF cycle and or frozen embryo transfer into surrogate
  • Payment to surrogate for embryo transfer as applicable
  • Travel expenditures for the surrogate (accommodations, plane tickets, meals to the clinic)
  • Medical Emergencies for the surrogate, donor or baby during the pregnancy ( for up to 5 days)
  • Ante natal care of the surrogate mother
  • Normal or Cesarean Vaginal Delivery

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Here is what is typically not included and you should budget for these expenses:

  • Caucasian Egg Donor (if any) -travel, hotel, and meals*
  • Father(s) / Mother’s travel, hotel, and meals*
  • Father(s) passport / Donor's passport / Babies Passport
  • PESA or TESA (for difficult sperm donation cases)
  • PGD /PGS (Gender selection)
  • Egg Donation (depending on the program selected)
  • Sperm Sorting and Embryo Freezing costs
  • In case of multiple birth additional compensation is payable to the Surrogate mother – USD 900
  • Medical Emergencies for the surrogate, donor or baby during the pregnancy (beyond 5 days).

 ( Please use this as a guide only, prices would be confirmed once we send you the contracts)