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Our team in Nairobi is lead by internationally respected professionals in their field. In addition, we also support a network of local vendors and businesses. We have the expertise, talent and local connections to make your entire experience in Cambodia hassle-free and enjoyable.

Our IVF clinic leads the industry in techniques and equipment

Gaurav Wankhede
IVF clinic

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Gaurav Wankhede

    Gaurav is the founder and director of Become Parents, Mumbai and Cambodia Surrogacy. He is a former Intended Parent himself, as well  as an entrepreneur and an Royal Australian Air Force Officer.
Since 2007, Gaurav has worked with hundreds of couples seeking IVF  and ART procedures from 25 countries. He is a well-known figure in  International surrogacy community.
Gaurav has appeared in interviews on CNBC, BBC and CNN. He  pioneered the concept of Ethical Surrogacy and is widely considered  one of India’s foremost business authorities in the field.   

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    Millicent heads the operations from the Nairobi office. She has vast experience of dealing with Intended Parent and is also a teacher by profession.
She is the the person behind the scene that gets the wheels of the bus moving in Kenya! Make sure you ask her for some hidden Authentic Kenyan restaurants while you are in Kenya.
Millicent is assisted in the day to day operations by her assistants and a team of lawyers who will be happy to meet you is case you need to clarify some doubts.   

surrogate team


    Rekha is the International Program Director and country manager for Kenya. She has almost 10 years of experience in the field of surrogacy and IVF. She has also worked with some of the leading IVF clinics across the globe.
She is an expert in donor matching and looks after the surrogates after confirmation of pregnancy and will remain in touch with you throughout the process. Since 2010, Rekha has assisted IPs right from the beginning till they take their baby back home.
She is a well-known figure in International surrogacy community and till date has helped more than 200+ Intended Parents.   

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Dr. Hrishikesh Pai

    Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, has been in the field of IVF past 26 years. He did his one year fellowship in reproductive Biology from the University of Melbourne Australia, in 1989.
He has received training in Preimplantation genetics at the two leading institutes in the world-the Verlinsky unit in Chicago & the Az Vub in Brussels. His unit was the third unit in India to have started Preimplantation genetics diagnosis in 1998.
He is the scientific director of 2 IVF units in Mumbai - 'The Babies & Us' Fertility, IVF & ICSI Center at Opera House & 'The Advanced Fertility Center' at the Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai (India). He also has the distinction of personally performing more than 15,000 embryo transfers in the past 20 years of practice as an IVF doctor.   

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Dr. Khandwala

    Dr. Khandwala is a specialist in ultra sonography, color Doppler and intervention ultrasound, with clinical practice experience of 22 years. Also, he has been practicing in the field of ART since 1992 and undertaken more than 10,000 cycles of IVF.
He is the intervention ultra sonography & chief of Bloom IVF centers all over India, and is also visiting sonologist in IVF centers in India and abroad. In Nairobi and Eldoret, Kenya, he looks after the IVF lab and is the director with Mediheal Group of Hospitals.
He heads the ART operations at the Mediheal Branch in Nairobi   

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    Meeta is an Indian –Australian, she has her background in the Hospitality Industry and was also working with many successful Australian companies like Medibank Pvt, Telstra, Aus Electoral Office and other prestigious Govt roles.
She has been in the Surrogacy business since the past few years, under the guidance of Gaurav Wankhede. She has launched Surrogacy in USA, Mexico and Nepal.